To ensure an integrated and turnkey solution, BTL – Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A. has an industrial automation service, under the responsibility of the group company, NewPower.

Automation Newpower

NewPower, Comércio de Equipamentos Eletrónicos, Lda is a BTL group company dedicated to the automation area that operates together with BTL – Indústrias Metalurgicas, S.A. in the development of projects and tailor-made solutions for the industry. With a dynamic team, with extensive experience in the field of electrical engineering, electronics and industrial automation, the company is able to provide specialized solutions for industry, with a high degree of automation and control, as well as weighing systems and supervision units.

Supported by a wide experience in its sector, NewPower develops an operational strategy in the market based on the continuous increase of the added value of the developed technologies, seeking to provide technological solutions of high technical value, which allow its users to increase the efficiency of their production processes, obtain greater automation in the tasks performed and give more flexibility to the processes performed.

Automation Newpower
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