Cleaning systems

Cleaning systems must be integrated into the Food, Pharmaceutical and Chemical Industry, in installations with demanding hygiene standards. Within these systems, the Clean in Place (CIP) system and the Pipeline Inspection Gadget (PIG) stand out. The Water for Injection (WFI) system and the Steam in Place (SIP) system can also be used, standing out in the pharmaceutical industry.

Clean in Place (CIP)

The CIP system is a method of cleaning the interior surfaces of tubes, tanks, process equipment and respective accessories (valves, filters), creating automatic washing circuits, without the need to disassemble them. The use of this method increases efficiency, improves safety, and ensures product quality. It is also possible to highlight the environmental benefits, such as the controlled and reduced use of water, decreased consumption of detergents, and reduced time spent on cleaning.

Pipeline Inspection Gadjet (PIG)

The PIG system was designed for product reuse as well as for cleaning the entire process line. The use of this method allows product recovery by reducing its waste, reduces CIP costs and allows a quick exchange between different products. The projectile is a solid body with easy tracking that easily crosses valves, pipes, curves, and tees.

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