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BTL - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A. is a company specialized build to print metal constructions for the industry, specializing in engineering, acquisition, design and construction of integrated systems, equipment, and turnkey solutions (EPCM). Our experience allows the development of integrated systems for storage, decantation, dedusting, dosing, fermentation, filtration, inerting, mixing, weighing, thermal exchange, piping networks as well as automation and electricity. The company works with stainless steel, titanium, carbon steel, aluminum and nickel alloys in an area that extends over 193750.4 ft2 with 64583.46 ft2 covered.

Our workforce is continually strengthened, with more than one hundred employees today, divided by various departments, from administrative and support tasks, to technicians or designers who control the value chain and the entire process: from the creation and design, construction and assembly until the finished product and the indispensable after-sales service.

In four decades of experience we have become a national reference in the metalworking industry, with emphasis on innovation and qualified technological competence that enable us to present unique capabilities in the development of industrial solutions.

Join us to discovery BTL - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A..

Foundation of the company

The company was founded at the initiative of the current three partners, starting its activity under the name Bastos, Tavares e Lopes, Lda., Working in a rented pavilion, dedicated to the manufacture of small-scale boiler products.

New investments and installations

Due to the dynamism of the partners and their knowledge
of the sector, the company quickly growth in the market,
even starting to be requested for works,
for which it was not technically equipped.

Business areas

Extends its business areas to the Food, Environment,
Chemical, Oil, Pharmaceutical, Extractive, among others,
as well as its areas of activity, increasing the manufacturing and administrative facilities.

New denomination

This year undergoes its biggest restructuring
with the change to Sociedade Anónima,
changing its name to
BTL - Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A..


To respond to market needs,
new investments were made,
with the expansion of manufacturing facilities
and the acquisition of new equipment and machines.

Constitution of NewPower

To cover and dominate an even broader market
and protect its own know-how, it acquires
companies in several areas as: industrial automation,
electricity, weighing and assembly.


Nowadays, it holds a significant part of the
market, and the main reason for the success
is the experience, because of the developments
and researches near its customers.

We idealize | we design | we build


Offer to its clients, engineering projects and solutions tailored to their needs and expectations, asserting themselves by their qualified technologic capacity, ensuring the achievement of competitive advantages, with the quality adequate to the purpose for which they are intended, applying the principles of the Management System.


To be recognized worldwide as a reference in the field of metalomechanics by the innovation and excellence in the quality and differentiation of the provided products and services. To bet on the growth and greatness of boiler equipment to be manufactured in "out of series", as well as, in the valuation of its employees, the company's largest asset. Commitment in the creation of ever better conditions for the performance of work in safety with the aim of preventing accidents and incidents.


BTL advocates the following values in relation to all the interested parts, namely customers, employees, partners, suppliers, and the local community:

  • Excellence: We strive every day to be better and better, guaranteeing a service of quality and the customer satisfaction;
  • Quality: Assurance of the conformity of the activities to be carried out to improve the way of carrying out the works with repercussions on the product quality;
  • Innovation: Much of what we manufacture are new, prototype and unique projects, tailored to the needs of each client;
  • Professionalism: We adopt a serious and ethical conduct, honouring the commitments, in order to guarantee the total satisfaction of the clients, their loyalty and recommendation, to affirm the success of the organization;
  • Competence: We promote the transmission and sharing of knowledge, the self-study, the training and qualification of employees in order to carry out their duties with knowledge;
  • Integrity and honesty: We rule our conduct in a responsible manner and in accordance with the most competent deontological principles, straightforward and honest;
  • Confidence: We encourage the establishment of win-win relationships, proximity and effective partnership with our customers, suppliers and employees;
  • Transparency: We act in a transparent way, we share information adequate to our management system and we adopt an open behaviour;
  • Dignification and recognition of persons: Valuing people, namely our workers, recognizing their effort and dedication, and valuing their performance;
  • Economic Sustainability: Condition that guarantees the existence of the company and maintenance and development of the activity;
  • Continuous Improvement: Promote continuously the improvement of the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System, in accordance with the applicable standards, assuming full compliance and satisfaction of the applicable requirements in force.
We idealize, we design, we build

We have a specialized team in engineering, acquisition, design and construction of integrated systems, equipment, and turnkey solutions (EPCM)

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