Beverage, dairy sauces, ice creams industries, among others.

With our know-how and experience, we idealize, design and build:

  • Artisanal cheese production units
  • Bread production units
  • Broths and sauces production units
  • Cereal storage units (flour and rice)
  • Cream production units
  • Dairy and non-dairy flour production units
  • Fresh processing units
  • Fruit concentrates production units
  • Ice cream production units
  • Juice and derivatives production units
  • Margarine production units
  • Milk treatment units
  • Water treatment and storage units
  • Yogurt production units

The range of installations and equipment manufactured includes: tubular heat exchangers, condensers and evaporators, concentrators, solid and liquid mixers, isothermal and simple tanks, sterilizers, reactors, CIP system, pipes and accessories.

BTL Storage tanks

Storage tanks

BTL Sauces production reactor

Sauces production reactor

BTL Cereal mixture unit

Cereal mixture unit

BTL Cereal mixture unit

Cereal mixture unit

BTL Milk processing unit

Milk processing unit

We idealize, we design, we build

We have a specialized team in engineering, acquisition, design and construction of integrated systems, equipment, and turnkey solutions (EPCM)

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