Research, Development, and Innovation (R&DI)

At BTL – Indústrias Metalúrgicas, S.A. we believe that research, development, and innovation (R&DI) are currently one of the main drivers for global competitiveness, due to the continuous improvement of processes and products. In this sense, BTL's strategy involves promoting a culture of R&DI based on the multidisciplinary nature of the team and the exploration of ideas generated for continuous improvement in processes, increased efficiency, and constant reliability in customer service.

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BTL's activity is focused on the creation and development of industrial units with the capacity to provide integrated solutions. Its intervention is repeatedly requested in the national and international market due to the high know-how of engineering and project development department, whose skills are recognized for responding to the need for the development of new technologies, not answered by the market, within of the various projects developed. It is also important to note, the partnerships that BTL has been establishing with Universities and other Entities of the National Research and Innovation System, namely University of Aveiro, University of Porto, Catholic University of Porto, University of Minho, University of Coimbra, University of Algarve, Coimbra Polytechnic Institute, Bragança Polytechnic Institute and Cork Technology Center in the development of their projects. One of BTL's operating strategies consists of a fundamental focus on innovation and the introduction of new solutions, which allow it to compete on an equal footing with the international technological leaders in its sector. As a result of its distinctive competitiveness, BTL saw its status as PME Líder recognized in 2014, which is associated with the company's higher economic and financial sustainability parameters.

Universidade de Aveiro
Universidade de Aveiro
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Among a wide range of projects for the development of innovative solutions for industries, stand out:


Tech4 T-RTM - Advanced Technologies Solutions for T-RTM

The Tech4 T-RTM Project aims a development of a production system for structural components in thermoplastic composite material, based on an emerging technology of liquid moulding of thermoplastic materials (T-RTM), promoting sustainability, recyclability and energy efficiency.


The project aims the conception of a new completely disruptive concept to the preparation of cork boards in continuous, board by board, controllable and homogenous for all the boards. In this project, is intended an effective control of all the variable keys, in order to give to the cork boards the same cooking conditions, the moisture content adequate to the outlet and the necessary stabilization to be processed subsequently. The perception of all the control parameters and the critical definition of variables will be taken into account, in order to be possible, the introduction of sensors and automation systems to monitor all the required parameters and define outputs for a cork preparation industry 4.0. Within the scope of this project will be conceived / developed / validated industrial prototypes for cooking preparation and dehumidification / stabilization in continuous in compliance with all these requirements.

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